Idaho Legislator Demands Exclusive Christian Privilege

Idaho Legislator Demands Exclusive Christian Privilege March 4, 2015

And we have yet another example of a Christian legislator demanding that only Christians be allowed to deliver invocations at legislative sessions. It’s in Idaho this time, where a Hindu priest was scheduled to give the pre-session Senate prayer on Tuesday.

A North Idaho senator is objecting to allowing a Hindu prayer as the opening invocation for the Idaho Senate on Tuesday morning, and says he’ll walk out.

Sen. Steve Vick, R-Dalton Gardens, said, “They have a caste system. They worship cows.”

And you believe in talking snakes, burning bushes that speak and lots of other ridiculous things too.

He acknowledged the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows any kind of prayer, but said he thinks the Hindu one shouldn’t be allowed to open the Senate, as the United States was “built on the Judeo-Christian not only religion but work ethic, and I don’t want to see that undermined.”

“I’m very supportive of the way this country was built, and I don’t want us to move away from it,” Vick declared…

Vick took to social media over the weekend to vent his displeasure about the plan for a Hindu prayer in the Senate, telling his Facebook followers, “I am working to get it stopped.”

He told The Spokesman-Review on Monday he’s had strong support from his North Idaho constituents for his stand. “They’ve all been supportive of the effort to not allow the Hindu prayer in the Senate chambers,” he said.

“It goes back to my concern about the way this country was built, if you compare it to a country that was built on the Hindu faith,” Vick said. He said allowing the prayer could “send a message we’re not happy with the way America is.”

Yeah, having a Hindu priest give an invocation before a group of bored legislators in a backwater state is going to undermine the American work ethic. I’m sure that’s exactly what will happen. Again I say: Can we please stop electing morons to public office?

Update: Seven Republicans walked out on it Tuesday morning.

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