Beck: America Could Be Saved If We’d Just Listen to Him

Beck: America Could Be Saved If We’d Just Listen to Him March 5, 2015

Glenn Beck’s vastly inflated sense of his own importance was put on stark display once again on Tuesday when he said that a speech he gave in 2010 could have saved the country if only people would have listened to him. Because he speaks for God himself, dontchaknow.

“Have you ever seen a speech that hasn’t been given get this much attention?” Beck asked. “The last speech I saw get this much attention before it was given was 8/28.”

Beck went on to claim that his 8/28 speech would have changed the course of the world “if America would have listened to it.”

Sadly, the nation didn’t listen, Beck said, but he knows that he still accomplished God’s “desired outcome.”

“I do believe it did change the course with many people,” Beck said. “It had its desired outcome, I believe, for the Lord.”

Beck’s behavior has every hallmark of a wannabe cult leader. He speaks for God, he could save the world if only we’d listen to him, he’s never been wrong about anything.


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