Ben Carson Babbles About Net Neutrality

Ben Carson Babbles About Net Neutrality March 5, 2015

Like virtually every other conservative who has commented on it, Ben Carson knows less than nothing about net neutrality. But he knows that the Republican base has been taught to fear it, so he babbled incoherently during an interview with alleged journalist David Brody about it:

When Brody asked Carson for his views about “this whole F.C.C. net neutrality thing,” Carson gave a baffling response that seemed to have nothing to do with net neutrality, which ensures that internet service providers treat all internet content equally, as he suggested that the principle of the open internet somehow will lead to more secrecy and less privacy.

Carson told Brody that President Obama and others want to “impose another level of secrecy and control in the private lives of citizens” through net neutrality, arguing that officials should instead focus on “exploring ways to allow people to do what they want to do, they’ve been doing it for years, so why should we now impose a layer of government control.”

That’s literally gibberish.


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