Fun With SCOTUS on Same-Sex Marriage

Fun With SCOTUS on Same-Sex Marriage March 5, 2015

Kevin Underhill is the wit behind the hilarious site Lowering the Bar, which chronicles and satirizes judges, lawyers and the entire legal system. As the Supreme Court takes up the question of same-sex marriage again, it’s worth looking at his list of amusing facts about the ruling the last time they considered it:

In a footnote, Justice Kennedy overturns the outcome of last season’s American Idol just to see if anybody is still paying attention…

Resolving an issue not raised below, Court rules unanimously that this lady over here bitching about her roommate has no standing to complain to me about it, and remands her case to the jurisdiction of somebody who cares…

Justice Thomas dissents on the grounds that there were no gay people in 1789…

Justices Scalia and Thomas join in separate opinion declaring that they’ve always found each others’ views very attractive and they don’t care who knows it.

The entire site is hilarious and I’ll probably post some more from it.

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