Klingenschmitt: Murder of Muslims Was Anti-Christian Violence

Klingenschmitt: Murder of Muslims Was Anti-Christian Violence March 5, 2015

The mind of Gordon Klingenschmitt is a very weird place. It’s a place that generates some of the most bizarre, convoluted claims imaginable. Like this one. Remember the guy in North Carolina who murdered three Muslims? He thinks that was anti-Christian violence.

Among the things he had posted on his Facebook page was an image asserting that despite their opposition to one another, “radical Christians” and “radical Muslims” actually hold similar ideological positions on a wide array of issues … and because of that, Colorado state representative Gordon Klingenschmitt is convinced that these three Muslims were really killed “because they were like Christians.”

Taking the Religious Right’s persecution complex to its absurd conclusion, Klingenschmitt cited this particular Facebook post on his “Pray In Jesus Name” program today as proof that this “radical left-wing atheist who is going around killing people of faith … killed these Muslims because they think like Christians.”

Okey dokey.


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