Shoebat: ‘Islamification’ Leads To Gay Rights, Cannibalism

Shoebat: ‘Islamification’ Leads To Gay Rights, Cannibalism March 5, 2015

Walid Shoebat, the most famous of a group of fake “ex-terrorists” — read: “Christian evangelists” — making lots of money by scaring the pants off people, told former Senate candidate (and now right wing talk show host) Joe Miller that the “Islamification process” in America leads to gay rights and cannibalism.

“The Islamification process is not just the idea of making it difficult for Christians like you see in the Palestinian arena,” he told Miller.

“Now it’s really transforming into something more. In other words, tyranny begins at that stage, in which tyranny wants to basically bring in homosexual rights, pretty soon it will be rights to cannibalism, rights to polygamy, rights to [etc.] And that’s how tyrannies work. It’s not just Islamo-tyranny, but any tyranny, this is how it works,” he said.

Uh, yeah. Because those Islamic reactionaries who commit terrorism just love gay rights. And because every tyrannical government ever — that is, most governments that have ever existed — supported equal rights for gay people. And cannibalism. And polygamy. Because “that’s how tyrannies work.” Seriously, how does someone say something that fucking stupid and not have everyone point and laugh at them? Oh yeah, it was on a right wing radio show. There is no limit to how stupid one can be there and still be taken seriously.

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