Christian Right Suddenly Loves Immigrants. Some of Them.

Christian Right Suddenly Loves Immigrants. Some of Them. March 6, 2015

Michael Farris, president of Patrick Henry College and head of the Home School Legal Defense Association, is proposing a bill to grant asylum to immigrants who are not allowed to homeschool their children in their home countries and it’s going to be taken up by the House next week:

Amid the immigration debate in Washington, D.C., a new bill would make it possible for families who are persecuted for homeschooling to find refuge in the United States. This legislation was developed by HSLDA along with supportive members of Congress in the wake of the Romeike family’s 2013 asylum case after they fled their home country of Germany under the threat of fines and imprisonment for homeschooling their children. Introduced as H.R. 1153, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act of 2015, the bill is scheduled for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee this week.

“We did not want to have to leave our home in Germany in order to homeschool,” Uwe Romeike explained. “But when we were harshly treated, America opened its doors to us. America has become our new home. We want to be citizens of this great country, and we are so grateful to the congressmen for writing this bill.”

So the Christian right finally finds a good reason to grant asylum to immigrants coming to this country, as long as they’re white Europeans being “persecuted” for their desire to homeschool their kids. But those tens of thousands of women and children fleeing Central America to escape rape and murder? Fuck them. They want them deported immediately, after being forced to keep the babies of their rapists.

Estimates suggest that anywhere between 60 and 80 percent of migrant women and girls are raped on their journey as they travel across the southern United States border. But many of the organizations that provide medical care to these migrants are refusing to provide emergency contraception or make pregnancy-related referrals to girls who have been raped. What’s more, the religious organizations that operate these groups are opposing a move by the Obama administration to address epidemic rape of young unaccompanied migrants by requiring contraceptive care.

During last year’s border surge, a total of 68,541 unaccompanied children streamed through the southern Texas border from Latin America. Almost half of the children apprehended by border patrol agents were girls. Rape and sexual assault are “major motivating factors” for why girls flee their home countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, a Women’s Refugee Commission report found last July. The report stated that children on the run who traveled with smuggling guides known as coyotes reported sexual abuse, including one child who “told of how women and girls were kept in a separate room and could be heard screaming while being raped.” And even once in the United States, some migrants alleged that sexual assault (especially among LGBT detainees) took place in detention, sometimes by guards.

So let’s tally up the score:

Young brown women from Central America who’ve been raped? Send them back! They’re freeloaders! And they’ll destroy our freedom!

White European families who want to homeschool their kids? We must let them in! Because freedom!

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