Feingold May Run for the Senate Again

Feingold May Run for the Senate Again March 6, 2015

Former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin is apparently thinking about running for the Senate again. He was voted out of office in the great Tea Party red tide of 2010. He’s been working as an envoy at the State Department, but is leaving that job and hinting at another run. He said this on Facebook:


As I complete my final week at the State Department, I am so grateful to President Obama and Secretary Kerry for the opportunity to serve our country and represent America’s ideals in one of the most challenging yet promising regions of Africa.

After I leave the State Department this week, I will spend portions of 2015 teaching international relations and law at Stanford University. For most of the rest of this year, I will be living at my home in Middleton, Wisconsin, from where I will travel the state extensively. I will listen carefully to my fellow Wisconsinites talk about their concerns, especially those involving their economic well-being. I will also seek their counsel on how I can best further serve my country and the state I love.


Sounds like he’s setting the stage for a campaign to me. Feingold earned a tremendous amount of good will from me when he was the only member of the Senate — the only one — to vote against the Patriot Act.

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