Fischer: Carson Bowing to ‘Homofascists’

Fischer: Carson Bowing to ‘Homofascists’ March 7, 2015

Oh boy, Ben Carson really stepped in it now. After saying that prison rape proves that homosexuality is a choice and then disingenuously trying to walk that back, he now has Bryan Fischer criticizing him for “surrendering to homofascists.”

But for saying that homosexuality is “absolutely” a choice, Dr. Carson immediately came under withering assault from what lesbian writer Tammy Bruce calls the “Gay Gestapo” and what Bill Maher calls “the gay mafia.” Under this relentless attack, it wasn’t long before Dr. Carson issued an apology on Facebook…

The fundamental problem with Carson’s apology is that he nowhere makes a distinction between impulse and behavior.

Dr. Carson just this week formed an exploratory committee, which means he’s running for the presidency. He admits here that, on an issue which has been a front burner social issue for the last 12 years, he gave an answer “without really thinking about it.” Ouch.

And then he seems to imply that declaring that sexual behavior is a “choice” represents a failure “to treat all people with respect and dignity.” In other words, he has taken the position here that expressing a biblical view of human sexuality is wrong and degrading to people who disagree. This is just what the homosexual lobby wants everybody to believe. Double ouch.

I think, in point of fact, Dr. Carson has thought about the matter quite thoroughly and did in fact speak his true mind to Chris Cuomo. Evidence of this is that he had a ready illustration of his point (situational homosexuality in the prison system) at hand.

Okay, so he apparently thinks Carson is lying too. And then:

(And it turns out that Dr. Carson was exactly right. Christopher Hensley, a criminal justice professor at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, recently authored a study which revealed 17% of inmates change their sexual orientation while incarcerated.)

Now here’s the amusing part. The link in that last quote is to a PolitiFact article that concludes that what Carson said is false. And the study he thinks supports his position does nothing of the sort:

Many inmates who identify as heterosexual change their sexual habits while in prison, possibly as a victim or perpetrator of abuse or due to lack of access to the opposite sex, said Christopher Hensley, a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga criminal justice professor. But a change in sexual behavior does not necessarily equate to a change in sexual orientation.

No, they did not “change their sexual orientation,” they just had gay sex, often a result of being raped as a show of primate dominance. As usual, Fischer has no idea what he’s talking about.

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