Oregon Councilwoman Gets Beheading Threat Over ‘In God We Trust’

Oregon Councilwoman Gets Beheading Threat Over ‘In God We Trust’ March 7, 2015

The Klamath County Commission in Oregon recently took up a proposal to put “In God We Trust” on the walls of the chamber they meet in and the only commissioner to oppose the matter is receiving all manner of hate mail and threats, including one hoping she would be beheaded.

Klamath Falls city councilwoman Trish Seiler found that argument “disingenuous,” asking “What the heck is a generic God? There’s nothing generic about it.”

She later voiced this opinion in an editorial in the Herald and News, in which she stated that “that’s what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights call for. Separation of church and state.”

But according to the author of a letter Seiler received after penning the editorial, the United States was founded on “Christian morality.” The author then wrote, “Maybe we could have the privilege of seeing your wonderful Muslims behead your [expletive] ugly [expletive]!!!”

At yesterday’s Klamath Falls city council meeting, Seiler read from a statement she had prepared, stating that “evil walked into my home a couple weeks ago. It came in the form of an ugly, crudely written, profane piece of hate mail.”

“All of us on council have received anonymous phone calls from people angry with a particular statement or position. It’s part of the job. Not this time. This time the terrorist who wrote the cowardly, anonymous, bullying letter I received has called for my death. And not just any death, but death by beheading.”

The irony here is that those who supported the proposal on the commission argued that the god mentioned in the statement was a “generic god” and therefore shouldn’t offend Jews or Muslims or any other religious adherent. But as this letter shows, the Christian rubes know otherwise. They know that it’s about pissing on their territory, which is why this Christian thug thinks that Seiler is on the side of the Muslims in opposing it.

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