Robertson: Don’t Attend Son’s Same-Sex Wedding

Robertson: Don’t Attend Son’s Same-Sex Wedding March 7, 2015

Pat Robertson, once again displaying his total lack of humanity and compassion, told a viewer who emailed him that she and her husband should refuse to attend their son’s wedding to another man — but of course, they still love him and blah blah blah.

“It’s not heterosexual,” Robertson replied thoughtfully. “You don’t agree with it, you got to stand there and be a witness to it. By your attendance at the ceremony, you are agreeing.”

“We used to say anybody who opposes this, let him speak or forever hold his peace and all that kind of thing,” he continued. “I just wouldn’t go. I would tell your child, ‘I love you, but I cannot condone this. We always love you, but I don’t condone this activity. And so, I’m here if you need me.’”

Oh yes, we love you but we refuse to even attend your wedding because of our bigoted religious beliefs. That just screams love, doesn’t it? You keep using that word…


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