Texas School District Again in Trouble for Church/State Violations

Texas School District Again in Trouble for Church/State Violations March 7, 2015

A Texas school district that has a history of church/state violations at football games has now been caught broadcasting Bible verses over the PA system at the high school. And while they denied the football game violations, they can’t deny this one because Hemant has recordings of them doing it.

A student at the school made the recordings, presumably because he knew the principal would lie and claim it didn’t happen, just as they did last fall when it came out that they were broadcasting prayers at the football games and the football coaches were leading the players in prayers. Hemant also cites the blog of the principal, which is linked to from the school website:

Merry Christmas to all and may God be your LIGHT in 2010!

I Believe” has been the foundation for the most of my life. Monday evening, November 9, 2009, I tried to understand why God has been so good to White Oak High School.

The weight of SUCCESS is HUMILITY and our students realize humility begins with a recognition of our dependnece on others and an appreciation of God’s gift of life.

It’s quite obvious what’s going on here. We’ve got a principal who really believes that part of his job is to convert his students, which is blatantly unconstitutional. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which already warned the school about previous violations, is on the case again.

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