Video Shows NYPD Lied, Filed False Charges for Assault

Video Shows NYPD Lied, Filed False Charges for Assault March 7, 2015

Activists have taken to recording everything that goes on at an annual Puerto Rican Day gathering in Brooklyn because the police routinely bust in and cause havoc. Good thing, too, because it saved a young man falsely accused of assaulting a police officer from going to prison. This is a repeat from pretty much every fucking day ever.

Prosecutors are dropping charges against 17-year-old Enrique Del Rosario related to assaulting a police officer after video contradicted their claims.

The incident took place at Brooklyn’s Puerto Rican Day parade on June 8. Dennis Flores, founder of the neighborhood police watchdog group El Grito De Sunset Park said police descended on the revelers in the evening, something that’s become expected. “We’ve been documenting this every year,” Flores told ThinkProgress. “The neighborhood gets flooded with police officers. Young kids are marching, waving flags, and cops are corraling them, pushing them around, like it’s a nuisance to have them out celebrating their culture.”…

Rosario wasn’t afilliated with El Grito, but he also happened to be filming when an officer shoved the woman standing next to him. In fact, Flores said that’s why he was targeted. Rosario’s lawyer Rebecca Heinegg said several officers then attacked Rosario, slamming him against the gate of a closed store and beating him with batons. “Basically, my client was a victim of a gang assault by the 72nd Precinct,” Heinegg told Max Jaeger for The Brooklyn Paper.

Once the attack started, Flores said, police began pushing people back and macing them to keep onlookers and cameras from seeing what was going on. Flores said that the injury police blamed Rosario for was caused by another cop. “This officer swung his nightstick and missed, hit another police officer across the head,” Flores said.

How many times does this have to happen — I’ve reported on literally hundreds of such incidents over the last decade and I’ve hardly caught them all — before we simply stop giving police officers the benefit of any doubt on what they say? There’s video at the link above, which begins with an officer telling someone that it’s illegal to record them, which is a lie and a blatant constitutional violation. But if you think anyone will be held responsible for any of this, you’re kidding yourself.

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