Ham: No Tax Breaks Makes Christians ‘Second Class Citizens’

Ham: No Tax Breaks Makes Christians ‘Second Class Citizens’ March 8, 2015

Ken Ham continues to blather on ignorantly about how terribly unfair it is that the state of Kentucky isn’t going to give him $18 million in tax breaks so he can engage in illegal discrimination (after initially lying and saying he wouldn’t do so).

Ham said that the rights of all people of faith are at stake in his case. “If we don’t do something about this it’s like the old idea of the frog in the water that you can boil it up and boil it to death and it doesn’t you’re doing it because it keeps accommodating to the temperature around it,” he told Parshall. “If Christians just keep accommodating and allowing this to happen more and more, we will lose that free exercise of religion.”

“It’s more and more of that trying to eliminate the Christian freedom that we have in this nation,” he said.

Let’s imagine a slightly different scenario. A company goes to the state of Kentucky and says they want to open a theme park, which will create lots of jobs and bring money into the state economy. The company asks for millions of dollars in tax breaks in order to do this, but says they will only hire white people, or only hire men. The state, of course, says no because that type of discrimination is flatly illegal under both state and federal law. The CEO of that company then screams, “Oh my god, we’re being persecuted for our beliefs! We have sincerely held religious beliefs and they’re violating them by forcing us not to discriminate!” There is absolutely no legal difference whatsoever between these two scenarios.

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