Hey Look, Matt Barber Finds More Nazis

Hey Look, Matt Barber Finds More Nazis March 8, 2015

As I’ve noted many times, today’s Christian right has a remarkable ability to spot Nazis. Indeed, the only people they seem to not think are Nazis are actual Nazis. Matt Barber has spotted yet another group of Nazis. No, not gay people this time but those who support reproductive rights.

“There are very few things you can directly compare to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust,” he said. “This is one of them. Modern-day pro-aborts, pro-abortionists who support this and other gruesome procedures are the modern-day equivalent — if they are doing it, they are the Nazis, and if they’re supporting it, they’re the equivalent of the German people who looked the other way, allowed it to happen, even rationalized it in their mind. This is as black and white, it is as cut and dry … and they use the same tactics. They dehumanize these little people just like the Nazis dehumanized the Jews so that it would blunt the impact of what they’re actually doing; murdering them, torturing them. Pro-aborts are modern-day Nazis.”

Now here comes the irony. The state of Israel, to whom Barber has sworn such undying allegiance, not only protects the right to choose but the government actually pays for abortions. So that makes Israel a bunch of Nazis, according to Barber.

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