Shoebat the Lesser: ‘Fags’ Run ISIS

Shoebat the Lesser: ‘Fags’ Run ISIS March 9, 2015

Theodore Shoebat, the even dumber and more extremist son of fake “ex-terrorist” Walid Shoebat, went on a juvenile and idiotic rant on Youtube, claiming that ISIS is run by “fags.” And that transvestites want to get into women’s bathrooms to molest little boys.

“I love it when people tell me, ‘I don’t see gay people beheading others,’” he said. “‘Why are you fighting against gay people? I don’t see gays decapitating people.’ Ummm, yeah, there are gay people beheading others. It’s something called ISIS. ISIS consists of many homosexuals. Some of their top leaders are homosexual.”

Shoebat went on to say that “the major serial killers in American history,” have all been “yeah, homosexual.”

He attacked nondiscrimination laws like the one which recently failed to pass in Charlotte, North Carolina, arguing that to allow trans people access to their appropriate public facilities poses a threat to public safety.

“According to this new bill that these fags want to pass, you will be allowed to go into the woman’s bathroom,” said Shoebat. “The homosexuals want to go into a woman’s bathroom so they can molest little boys. That’s what this is about. They want to molest children. They want to do so peeping tom stuff on women in the bathroom. They want to be perverts…The bottom line is that this is nothing but another incremental step to bring the civilized world back to pederasty [and] institutionalized pedophilia.”

Uh, Teddy…why would a gay person go into a woman’s bathroom to molest boys? And if ISIS is run by gay people, why are they killing gay people? You aren’t very bright are you, Ted?


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