Why Lying Doesn’t Hurt Bill O’Reilly

Why Lying Doesn’t Hurt Bill O’Reilly March 9, 2015

Gabriel Arana, the media critic for the Huffington Post, has an article about the now-undeniable accusations of lying by Bill O’Reilly and why Fox News simply doesn’t care about them. Fox has no intention of actually doing anything about them because it only helps his ratings and that’s all that matters. And they have a built-in defense mechanism.

Of all the allegations levied at Bill O’Reilly, the most compelling — the most difficult to wave away — is his claim to have witnessed the suicide of George de Mohrenschildt, a friend of JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The Fox host said in his book Killing Kennedy that he had been knocking on the door when he heard the gunshot.

But O’Reilly’s colleagues say he was in Dallas at the time. Last week, CNN played an audio clip between O’Reilly and a congressional investigator in which the Fox host asks where the suicide took place and whether a gun was used. “I’m coming down there tomorrow. I’m coming to Florida … I’m going to get in there tomorrow,” O’Reilly says.

The Fox host’s explanations for his other fibs are far from satisfactory. However violent the protests in Buenos Aires got after the Falklands War, O’Reilly can’t claim he was in a “combat situation” or an “active war zone” — quite simply, the war was over, and took place 1,200 miles away from the Argentine capital. Watching footage of an execution isn’t the same thing as seeing one firsthand. And a brick being thrown does not an ambush make.

But all of these fall under the category of exaggerations. If O’Reilly were more forthright, he could simply say he misspoke. There’s no plausible explanation, however, for saying you were in one place when you were, in fact, in another.

This is exactly right. The others can be dismissed to some degree as exaggerations, and if he could just admit that he was exaggerating — which he can’t do because of his ego — they would go away. But the JFK thing is an outright lie and we have a recording of him proving it’s a lie himself (that audio did not come from CNN, by the way, it came from my old colleague Jeff Morley and he should be getting far more credit for this). But as Arana notes, Fox won’t even pretend to address that lie.

This is probably why neither O’Reilly nor the network have responded to this accusation. A spokesperson for Fox News directed questions to O’Reilly’s publisher, Henry Holt, which in typical PR fashion issued a statement of support but didn’t answer the question: “We fully stand behind Bill O’Reilly and his bestseller Killing Kennedy and we’re very proud to count him as one of our most important authors,” the spokesperson said.

And ultimately they don’t have to address is because they have a built-in defense mechanism:

O’Reilly’s claim to have been in Florida at the time of de Mohrenschildt’s death is certainly something that can be fact-checked, but the revelation that O’Reilly was in Dallas at the time has caused the Fox host little damage.

It may be cynical, but this was destined to become a partisan pissing contest. NBC may get things wrong from time to time, but its executives see reporting the truth and educating the public as their goal. Fox News’ standard isn’t so much truth as it is conservative ideology. Anything that doesn’t line up with what O’Reilly says can simply be dismissed as an attack from the far left, and as long as it doesn’t hurt his standing among viewers, it matters little whether or not he is a liar.

Having spent the last few decades railing against the “liberal media,” the right wing can now just wave their hand and dismiss any report that shows them to be lying, no matter how unassailable the evidence is for that conclusion, and their followers will lap it up like a kitten on a saucer of milk. They have been conditioned by Fox and other sources to ignore reality, inoculated against the truth. It’s just old-fashioned tribalism — any criticism that comes from the other tribe must be false so there is no need to even address the evidence. A wave of the hand is sufficient to satisfy their followers. And that’s why nothing will happen to O’Reilly. Truth and accuracy do not matter, ideology and profits matter.

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