Fischer and Lively, Together At Last

Fischer and Lively, Together At Last March 10, 2015

One can almost hear echoes of the Hitler-Stalin pact when two of the most extreme voices in the Christian right, Scott Lively and Bryan Fischer, get together. On Fischer’s radio show, Lively made the ridiculous claim that in the non-existent “days of Noah” people were getting gay married and says being gay is worse than murder or genocide.

Lively told Fischer that America is about to cross “a line with God that hasn’t occurred in the entire history of the world since Noah’s flood,” which he once again asserted was brought about by the celebration of “homosexual marriage.”

“The final straw for God was when they started celebrating and engaging in homosexual and bestial marriages,” he said.

Lively went on to declare that homosexuality is “the most egregious form of rebellion against God” and is a sin that is “worse than murder and worse then genocide.”

“It’s not just another sin,” he continued. “It’s really a harbinger of the judgment of God … The celebration by the society [of homosexuality] is a harbinger of the wrath of God.”

And you wonder why we point and laugh at you.


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