King Claims Boehner Retribution for DHS Vote

King Claims Boehner Retribution for DHS Vote March 10, 2015

There are few things more amusing than seeing legislators complain about the way politics works while simultaneously engaging in the same behavior. It’s usually between parties, but it also happens within the same party. Like Steve King complaining about John Boehner punishing those who revolted over the DHS funding vote.

He added that the speaker is “currently throwing tantrums” and seeking “retribution” against members who bucked him on the DHS votes.

“In the last 30 minutes, I have learned that a very important diplomatic mission that I was scheduled to go on that had been signed off on, certified, authorized, everything all booked, the order came down from the speaker’s office, ‘that shall be rescinded.’ And the people who he most objects to for disagreeing with him are now grounded to the United States of America by order of the speaker,” King told Conway.

He doesn’t say what this “very important diplomatic mission” might be, but since members of Congress are actually forbidden from engaging in such diplomacy by the Logan Act, it’s rather hard to believe it could actually be that important (when congressional delegations do go on “diplomatic missions” it really just means they get a free trip somewhere to get whined and dined by the host country).

And does anyone doubt for a millisecond that if King, a far-right extremist, were speaker of the house he wouldn’t wield that power in an absolutely ruthless manner and punish anyone who steps out of line with his demands? No one would really believe he wouldn’t do that, could they?

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