Saudis Shocked to be Criticized for Being a Barbaric Theocracy

Saudis Shocked to be Criticized for Being a Barbaric Theocracy March 10, 2015

With international pressure mounting over their brutal punishment of anyone who dares to express a view contrary to Wahabbi Islam, Saudi Arabia is reacting with mock surprise that anyone would presume to tell them they need to stop. The Saudi government released a statement:

Saudi Arabia defended its human rights record on Saturday in its first public reaction to international criticism over last year’s sentencing of liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for “insulting Islam”.

The first 50 of Badawi’s lashes were carried out in January, prompting strong criticism of the kingdom’s rights record in Western countries, including its laws on political and religious expression and the status of Saudi women.

“Saudi Arabia expresses its intense surprise and dismay at what is being reported by some media about the case of citizen Raif Badawi and his sentence,” said a statement carried on state media and attributed to an unnamed “foreign ministry official”.

The statement said Saudi courts were independent and that the kingdom’s constitution ensured the protection of human rights because it was based on Islamic Sharia law.

“Saudi Arabia at the same time emphasizes that it does not accept interference in any form in its internal affairs,” the statement added.

It ensures the protection of human rights because it’s based on Sharia law. Yes, and the Third Reich ensured the protection of human rights by practicing Nazism. You have no fucking idea what human rights means, you barbaric theocratic assholes.

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