Lane Thinks Pastors Will Be Forced to ‘Celebrate’ Gay Marriage

Lane Thinks Pastors Will Be Forced to ‘Celebrate’ Gay Marriage March 11, 2015

The fearmonger from the right over same-sex marriage is reaching a fever pitch as we get closer to the Supreme Court ruling in June that they know will likely go against them. David Lane, the Christian right kingmaker, thinks ministers will be forced to “give approval” to The Gay.

What homosexuals do in their home is none of my business. What does concern me is the reign of terror, now becoming old hat, that they impose on anyone who will not celebrate their sexual lifestyle. They evidently intend their worldview to be forced upon all others. When the coming storm arrives, Christian pastors will have to make a choice. Either capitulate on the Gospel by giving approval to the homosexual lifestyle, or—go to jail.

He bases this on the case of the florist in Oregon, but that has absolutely nothing to do with churches or pastors. She runs a for-profit business, which is not allowed to discriminate. Churches are explicitly exempted from all anti-discrimination laws, and even if they weren’t the courts would give them such an exemption through the ministerial exception based on the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. This is just demagoguery.

Through His Word, God fully declared His mind regarding sexual sin—whether it is fornication, heterosexual adultery, homosexuality, or any other form proscribed in the Bible. God defines sin, not the U.S. Supreme Court, “vice stalking in virtue’s garb”.

And God, being altogether holy, sets Himself in battle array against those who rebel against His Word.

And God says that not keeping the sabbath holy is a sin (if you believe the Bible is the word of God, which of course I don’t). And that worshiping other gods is a sin (it’s the very first commandment). So by your “reasoning,” the government cannot allow anyone to be anything but a Christian, right? There are only two choices here, if you actually think your argument is valid. Either you’re a complete theocrat or you’re engaged in special pleading and only want the government to enforce “God’s law” when you think it should and not when you think it shouldn’t.

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