Right Wing Watch Offers Farah a Deal

Right Wing Watch Offers Farah a Deal March 11, 2015

Last week Joseph Farah suggested that President Obama may refuse to leave office when his second term is up, as the Constitution requires. Of course he was “just asking questions” and was upset when Right Wing Watch and other outlets mocked him for it. In a Monday column, he doubled down, spinning fanciful scenarios that he thinks could seriously happen.

Rush Limbaugh responded to the question Friday when a caller raised the possibility Obama might ignore the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution as he has ignored so many other laws since taking office.

“Well let’s construct a scenario and see if it has even the slightest bit of believability, and let’s establish some things that we know to be true that Obama also knows,” Limbaugh said. “Chief among those is that the Republican Party has said that impeachment is off the table.

“The Republican Party has made it clear that they will not use that constitutional measure as a means of reining Obama in, and maybe even getting him out of office,” he added. “They have also made it very clear in just the most recent vote on the funding for Department of Homeland Security that they will not use the power of the purse to stop Obama. OK, so those duo realities equal Obama fully aware the Republican Party will take no steps to stop him in his ongoing violations and running up to the edges of the Constitution.”

And Farah argues that no one would try to stop Obama if he did that:

There’s simply no organized opposition to Obama’s illegal, criminal actions and behavior. He’s getting away with all of it. There are no serious repercussions. No political price. No major media opposition. Few judicial rulings that worry him. Not one political, religious or social institution that is holding him accountable – least of all the Republican Party.

That’s bullshit, of course. Right Wing Watch offers him a deal:

Farah was apparently bothered that Miranda’s RWW post did not include a pledge that People For the American Way would “use all of its influence and legal firepower” to stop Obama from chucking the Constitution in a White House power-grab. Of course we don’t take the possibility seriously, but since Farah seems to, let’s offer him a proposition: If President Obama refuses to allow a constitutional transfer of power to his successor, we will join you at the barricades. If the American republic miraculously survives, you will stop polluting the public discourse with toxic nonsense. Deal?

That’s better than the deal I offered him, which would have required him to shut the fuck up forever when — not if — Obama leaves office in January, 2017.

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