Sheriff’s Deputy Fired for Racist Threats on XBox

Sheriff’s Deputy Fired for Racist Threats on XBox March 11, 2015

A deputy from the Jackson County, Mississippi Sheriff’s Department has been fired after going on a violent, racist, threatening rant on XBox, telling someone he was playing against that he “gets paid to beat up niggers like you” and that he was going to “fuck you up.”

A Mississippi sheriff’s deputy was fired after making racist threats against another gamer while playing Xbox Live.

The other gamer, identified only as “David,” posted a YouTube video of his exchange with former Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Slater…

He later found the other gamer had sent him a private message, and David and some friends jokingly invited him to a party before the racist gamer revealed he was a police officer.

“You’re about to come to a paid police officer’s house,” he said. “I get paid to beat up n**gers like you! I get paid to beat up f*ckin n***rs like you! I will f*ck you up!”

David asked him to prove he was a police officer, and Slater provided his badge number, name, and other identifying information – including the phone number for the Jackson County sheriff’s department.

Bad career move, dumbass.


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