Adventist College Forbids Bake Sale to Help Homeless Gay Youth

Adventist College Forbids Bake Sale to Help Homeless Gay Youth March 12, 2015

As a child, I lived near Andrews University, a 7th Day Adventist college, for several years. That school is now in the news after the administration forbid a student group from holding a bake sale to benefit gay homeless teens because the mission conflicts with the university’s beliefs.

The bake sale was planned by AULL4One, Andrews University’s unofficial gay-straight alliance, which boasts around 80 members, but is not allowed to advertise on campus because of the school’s affiliation with the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

AULL4One’s Eliel Cruz told Blue Nation, “Administration knows we exist, they allow us to exist, and some administrators even champion the group’s existence. But unfortunately, we are unable to advertise our meetings and events on campus.”

In an email to Cruz, AU Dean of Student Life Steve Yeagley said that the university would not allow AULL4One to hold the sale, explaining, “I think the most helpful thing I can do is to draw your attention to the fundraising policy found in the Student Handbook. It simply states that funds may be raised for non-profit organizations ‘whose mission and practices do not conflict with those of the University.’ I think the judgment in this case is that there may be a perceived conflict between the mission and practices of Andrews University and those of Fierce Chicago — certainly not in their efforts to aid homeless youth, but in their approach to the LGBT issue, at large.”

In other words, we’re fine with you helping homeless youth, but not homeless gay youth. Because, of course, that’s what Jesus would do. So let’s make the university’s actions backfire on them. A fundraiser has been established to raise money for the same organization this student group was trying to help.

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