Oh, Dave Agema. Will You Ever Shut Up?

Oh, Dave Agema. Will You Ever Shut Up? March 12, 2015

We’re long past the point where Dave Agema, one of Michigan’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee, became an embarrassment to the GOP. The RNC has done everything it could to get him to stop saying astonishingly stupid and bigoted things, but all they’e really done is added fuel to the fire. His latest spew of stupid:

Concerning Obama’s recent march in Selma, I think a little clarification is necessary. The Republican Party is the party of anti- racism. The Republicans obolished (sic) slavery, gave equal rights and the right to vote to blacks ( 13th, 14th and 15th amendment) not the democrats (sic). During the same period the Republicans fought against polygamy that was being pushed by the Mormons. So in both cases the Republicans fought for Biblical morality and civil rights for all. In 1964 18 of the 19 Congressman were democrats that filibustered the Civil Rights Act to prevent it from passing. Al Gore’s dad was against anti-segregation. Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black. Obama does not have a history of overcoming discrimination and slavery like many others, yet he leads us to believe otherwise. In fact, his genealogy shows his ancestors owned slaves. His father was a Muslim and communist, his step father was a Muslim and a comminist (sic) and he went to a Muslim school in Indonesia. It’s time Republicans dispel the lies that the democrats (sic) are the ones that freed the slaves. Democrats fought to keep it, yet the lack of historical knowledge is being lost in the “SPIN” of politics. Welfare programs don’t make one free, they make one dependant (sic) and a slave to their government and a guranteed (sic) life of poverty. Some welfare is necessary, but not to the extent that even illegals get what our citizens deserve. This is just plan wrong! Truth is difficult to find in the political realm of “SPIN.”

The mind fucking boggles.

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