The Incredible Persistence of Newsmax

The Incredible Persistence of Newsmax March 12, 2015

I had a good laugh Wednesday when I woke to an email from Newsmax asking if I’d be interested in an amazing revenue opportunity, by which they mean putting a widget on the sidebar of FTB that links to a few articles on their site and a whole bunch of scams. Here’s the email:

Hello Ed,

I am with Newsmax Media, reaching out with a potential Digital revenue stream for Free Thought Blogs.

Briefly – Newsmax can provide you with relevant content For you readers to enjoy, while generating thousands of

Dollars in passive revenue. Publishers hosting our content Are earning significant revenue for below-the-fold placements. Would you be interested in discussing revenue potential?

Best Regards,

Anthony Guzman

Business Development Executive

Newsmax Media, Inc.

Now let’s set the wayback machine for two years ago when another Newsmax “business development executive” (read: salesman, but if your ego needs that title, you cling to it like the last life boat on the Titanic) named Kevin Mallon sent me an identical email. I had a lot of fun mocking Mallon for it. So I just sent back this reply:

You people are absolutely hilarious.

Since then, I’ve written many times about the huge number of scam emails your company sends out on behalf of fraudulent companies pushing ridiculous health care schemes and survival supplies and other such bullshit. But hey, at least you didn’t tell me how much you just love my blog and read it all the time like Kevin Mallon did when he tried this two years ago.

And seriously, learn how to write. You don’t seem to have any idea which words need to be capitalized and “for you readers to enjoy” would get marked down on a third grade grammar test.

Love ya, mean it.


I just love it when right wingers duck into the punch.

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