Staver: Boycott Sports Teams That Support Marriage Equality

Staver: Boycott Sports Teams That Support Marriage Equality March 13, 2015

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, is very upset that three major sports franchises — the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants — signed on to a brief supporting marriage equality. He thinks Christians should boycott them for it.

According to one of America’s leading pro-family lawyers, people who support biblical marriage should show their discontent with some of the highest-profile sports franchises in America that have officially announced their full-fledged endorsement of homosexual “marriage.”

The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and the World Series-winning San Francisco Giants, along with Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays, have joined many other businesses and organizations in filing legal briefs at the nation’s highest court in support of homosexual marriage.

Constitutional lawyer Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, has also filed a legal brief in the case with the Supreme Court of the United States — in support of traditional marriage. He clearly states his case about sports teams that decide to dabble into politics and weigh in on this issue.

“I think we ought to vote with our dollars and not support those sports entities, those sports organizations, or those businesses that literally are hostile to our faith and to the very foundational values of God’s natural created order of man and woman as the union of a husband and wife in marriage,” Staver declares. “That’s so fundamental. If they can’t get that right, how can they get anything else right and how are they deserving of any of our respect or our support?”

But gee Mat, your partner in bigotry Matt Barber says that when liberals boycott companies for not supporting equality, that’s “economic terrorism.” And why focus on the sports teams? They were just three of nearly 400 companies to sign that brief. I think all you bigots should boycott every one of those companies. That means no more drinking Coke or Pepsi, no more ordering from Amazon, no more Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. In fact, you won’t be able to use computers anymore because both Apple and Microsoft signed the brief. So did Intel, Oracle and Cisco, so you can’t use the internet because of all those pro-gay routers and chips. You can’t send email anyway, since the sendmail program was written by a gay man. Good luck with that.

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