Jindal Attempts to Otherize Obama

Jindal Attempts to Otherize Obama March 14, 2015

Bobby Jindal continues the attempts by the right wing to otherize Obama, to portray him as not a Real American, to claim he doesn’t love America and is probably on the side of the terrorists. They’ve been doing this from the moment he took office, of course.

Jindal said that while President Obama is destroying the economy with “$18 trillion of debt, Obamacare and EPA regulations,” the greatest threat to America is Obama’s push for “secularization.”

Such “secularization,” Jindal warned, will eliminate religious freedom and “without religious liberty there is no freedom of speech, there is no freedom of association, it is worse than this president is bankrupting our country financially, morally, as well as our foreign policy standing. All of that is true but it’s worse than that. He’s trying to change the idea of America.”

He lamented that “we have never before had a president this ideologically extreme, who does not believe in American exceptionalism, does not believe in the American dream that you and I were taught, does not believe in religious liberty and has effectively, for six years, done everything he could to change our culture on all three of those areas to become a new country, a new American dream, a new conception of liberty.”

This seems a particularly dangerous path to take for an immigrant, which Jindal is. It’s exactly how immigrants have long been portrayed in this country. But Jindal is a wealthy Republican big shot now, so he doesn’t care.

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