Hovind Found Guilty of Contempt of Court

Hovind Found Guilty of Contempt of Court March 16, 2015

After a quick trial, a jury has found professional liar and creationist Kent Hovind guilty of contempt of court for filing fraudulent paperwork to block the sale of property seized by the federal government to pay some of the taxes he refused to pay, which got him sent to prison in the first place.

Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind was found guilty on just one of four counts Thursday, while his co-defendant Paul John Hansen was found guilty on two of five charges.

Hovind and Hansen face sentencing June 12, but their followers remain adamant they walk out of jail afterward free men.

Hovind was found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government’s right to sell his property. The jury was unable to agree on the three other charges Hovind was facing…

Hovind is on the tail end of a nearly decade-long prison sentence for failing to withhold payroll taxes and “structuring” bank transactions to evade federal reporting requirements. To pay his tax debts, Hovind was ordered to forfeit 10 properties surrounding his biblical theme park, Dinosaur Adventure Land.

In addition, Hovind and his ministry were restricted by court injunction from filing claims, liens and other actions on the properties.

The contempt charges against Hovind and Hansen, a church trustee, were filed after the men submitted additional court papers contesting the land’s ownership. Among them was a “lis pendens,” a document warning potential buyers that the property was under legal dispute and which Hovind described to his daughter as “dog crap” on the government’s shoe. It was for those actions Hovind was found guilty Thursday.

Hansen was convicted of the same charge for filing liens against several of the properties the government ordered forfeited, and for failure to appear before grand jury subpoena in August.

Yep, that would be a clear case of contempt of court.

A half dozen federal marshals in blue blazers watched closely as the crowd of nearly 50, most of them Hovind supporters, trailed out of the courtroom. They gathered outside on a the sidewalk where Rudy Davis led them in prayer: “We are praying that he can walk out of that prison.”

Yeah, you should keep doing that. It worked so well when you prayed that he wouldn’t get convicted on the first charges. And when you prayed that he wouldn’t be sent to prison. And when you prayed that he’d get early parole. Clearly you have to pray more loudly or something.

The crowd of Hovind supporters commiserated for about 20 minutes outside after the verdict. They vowed to write letters to legislators, in particular U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Chumuckla.

Yeah, that’ll work just as well. You do realize that legislators can’t change a court verdict, right?

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