Fischer’s Bizarre Argument Against Bilingualism

Fischer’s Bizarre Argument Against Bilingualism March 17, 2015

Bryan Fischer, like most self-proclaimed uber-patriots, doesn’t like the idea of anyone speaking any language other than English. On his radio show last week he made the truly inane argument that those who are bilingual are making America no longer “one nation, under God.”

“I believe God’s judgement is beginning to settle in on this land in the form of linguistic isolation,” he said on his show. “If you’re gonna carry out any kind of project together, you’ve got to speak the same language. Otherwise you can’t communicate. You can’t even examine the same set of plans. You can’t even evaluate a mission statement unless you’re talking the same language.”

Fischer was upset over a report saying that more than 50 percent of Los Angeles residents between the ages of 18 and 34 speak a language other than English in their homes while speaking English outside of it.

“You know what this means, ladies and gentlemen — we are losing the ability to talk to each other,” Fischer complained. “We’re losing the ability to communicate with each other. And this means that we’re on the road to no longer being one nation under God, indivisible. No longer one nation, no longer indivisible, and in many ways no longer under God.”

But the report was not about people not being able to speak English, it was about people who speak English and their native language. Seems to me that boosts our “ability to communicate with one another” because it allows them to translate between the two languages. This is just basic xenophobia, wrapped up in a really weak argument.

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