Michigan Republican Wants to Rig Presidential Election

Michigan Republican Wants to Rig Presidential Election March 17, 2015

Many states controlled by Republicans — and only those controlled by Republicans — have considered bills to hand out the state’s electoral votes in a presidential election in a proportional manner. Now one of the most extreme members of the Michigan legislator is proposing an absolutely outrageous version:

Two bills seeking to rig the Electoral College in order to make it easier for Republicans to enter the White House were introduced in Michigan this month. The first bill, introduced by state Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R), would have awarded 9 of the state’s 16 electoral votes to Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, even though Romney lost the state of Michigan to President Obama by nearly 10 percentage points…

Michigan has not supported a Republican candidate for president since 1988. So any legislation shifting electoral votes away from the winner of the state as a whole is likely to favor Republicans.

Under Gamrat’s bill, the bulk of Michigan’s electoral votes would be awarded by congressional district — so the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in each of the state’s districts receives exactly one electoral vote per district. This bill, should it become law, would give Republicans a significant advantage because Michigan’s congressional districts are gerrymandered to benefit Republicans. Republicans controlled over 56 percent of the state’s congressional districts after the 2012 election, for example, despite the fact that President Obama won over 54 percent of the popular vote in that state during the same election cycle.

Michigan is already heavily gerrymandered in favor of Republicans. Because Republicans controlled the state legislature after 2010, they controlled the redistricting process. That’s why last year, Republican held 9 seats in Congress to 5 for the Democrats — despite the fact that 50,000 more votes were cast for Democrats than Republicans. This bill would extend that to presidential elections. By handing out electoral votes by the highly gerrymandered districts, a Republican nominee would get fewer votes — a lot fewer votes — and get a majority of the electoral votes. That they could propose such a thing and defend it with a straight face shows you just how shameless they are.

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