Ted Cruz Demands Repeal of Federal Law That Doesn’t Exist

Ted Cruz Demands Repeal of Federal Law That Doesn’t Exist March 17, 2015

Ted Cruz, like most conservatives, is throwing a fit over the Common Core educational standards. Also like most conservatives, he doesn’t actually know what they are or how they came about. That’s why he’s demanding a repeal of the law that created those standards despite the fact that there is no such law.

Yes, #MakeDCListen! The Feds have no business sticking their nose into education! They must repeal the law that established Common Core! Now if only Common Core was a federal law, but it isn’t.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, known as Common Core, was developed by the states — with input from teachers, education experts and business leaders — and has been voluntarily adopted by 43 states and the District Of Columbia. Notably, “the federal government played no role in creating the standards, nor did it require that states adopt them.”

Common Core is not a curriculum but a set of standards regarding what students “should know and be able to do at each grade level in math and English language arts.” How kids get there is left to the schools and teachers.

Adopting Common Core was helpful to states seeking federal funding in 2009under a program called “Race To The Top.” But many states that did not receive funding continue to implement Common Core.

Common Core has become a highly politicized topic. In 2013, the Republican National Committee passed a resolution opposing Common Core, calling it “aninappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children.” The RNC attacked Obama, who was not involved in the creation of the standards, but ignored the role of many Republicans in creating Common Core. Many of the states that adopted Common Core are controlled, in whole or in part, by Republicans.

Damn those pesky facts!

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