D’Souza: Liberals Hate Me Because I’m a Non-White Patriot

D’Souza: Liberals Hate Me Because I’m a Non-White Patriot March 18, 2015

I’ve said many times that there is no limit to how bizarre or extreme a wingnut can get and still be taken seriously. That’s why Rick Wiles, whose conspiracy theories can only be described as batshit crazy, still gets people on his show. People like Dinesh D’Souza, who says liberals hate him because he’s a non-white patriot:

After the “Trunews” host asked D’Souza’ why the so-called liberal media “hates” him, the conservative pundit claimed that the Left despises him “precisely because I am a non-white, immigrant, patriot that exposes a lot of the Obama administration running amok, all of this craziness that masquerades under the name of progressivism or progress. I’m blowing the whistle on these scoundrels, so naturally they’re unhappy with me, and I’m happy about that.”

D’Souza said that “old America” — the land of traditional, patriotic values — is “under siege” by “a government that is aggressively attacking the values of that America, trying, in Obama’s words, to remake America. I am here to try to stop that remaking, I kind of like the America that the founders designed.”

I bet you did. The America they designed didn’t allow women to vote and embedded slavery into the Constitution. I like the America that we created much later when we fixed those horribly immoral flaws in the system they set up. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, Dinesh: We don’t despite you because you’re a non-white patriot. In fact, we don’t consider you a patriot at all. We despise you because you’ve proven to be one of the most ridiculous and dishonest douchebags in existence.

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