James Robison Wants Christians to Take Over the Government

James Robison Wants Christians to Take Over the Government March 18, 2015

Professional liar Todd Starnes of Fox News is making the rounds of the TV evangelist shows trying to sell his book and he went on the air with James Robison to hear him make this really bizarre screed about why Christians should take over the government to make the “demons shudder.”

“This is the thing you’ve got to understand as a Christian,” Robison said. “In a democracy where the majority rules and where we’re the ones who choose, then those we choose reflect the heart conscious and convictions of those who vote or who don’t vote. Too many Christians have checked out. You’ve been told it’s politically incorrect for church people to be involved. That’s one of the biggest lies that ever came through the lips of Satan. Do not believe it! Of all people on this earth that ought to stand up and protect the precious and be light to illuminate the way out of this present and pressing darkness, we’re the ones to do it.”

“Hey, government, we can take control,” he continued. “There are only 500 of you. We can get rid of the whole bunch in one smooth swoop and we can really reroute the whole ship! … All hell is trembling — the gates of hell tremble. The very fact that people who love God and know God and love their neighbor, whatever stand up, speak up, and become a shining city set on a hill, oh, the demons shudder!”

Hey James, could you name just one person who has ever told a Christian that it was “politically incorrect for church people to be involved” in politics? I know, it’s rude of me to expect you to support such a statement to prove that you aren’t just beating up a strawman, but rudeness happens to be one of my specialties.

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