Wiles: Christians Have 1 Year to Escape America

Wiles: Christians Have 1 Year to Escape America March 18, 2015

Rick Wiles of TruNews radio is telling American Christians that they only have one year to get out of the United States before Obama and the “Luciferian Illuminati” destroy it once and for all. Because apparently the “Luciferian Illuminati” can’t get you if you leave the country.

I prophetically told the Syrian Christians over this radio program in 2011 to flee the country. I repeatedly warned them via this radio program to get out of the country because Obama would destroy it and eventually Damascus would be leveled to the ground according to Bible prophecy. And if you would listen to those 2011 programs, you would hear me say that I was certain the Holy Spirit was speaking to the Christians in Syria to flee while they could still do it.

I’m going to say this to American Christians: Your time to flee America, which is now Babylon, is quickly disappearing. Obama will destroy this nation too. He is a man of destruction, darkness and evil. There may be a year remaining in which you can get out and save your family. I’m convinced the Luciferian Illuminatus that control this country will dismantle it over the next two years and the Phoenix will ascend to replace the old constitutional republic.

I think you should lead the exodus, Rick. We’ll gladly let your people go. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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