Wingnut Pastor: Beware the Gay Muslim Secular Humanist Caliphate

Wingnut Pastor: Beware the Gay Muslim Secular Humanist Caliphate March 18, 2015

Ken Graves, a dominionist pastor from Bangor, Maine, gave a rousing sermon at Liberty Counsel’s Awakenings conference this weekend, claiming that gay people and secular humanists are in league with those reactionary Muslims who want to murder them in order to establish a caliphate.

“We find ourselves — in all honesty, when we’re being honest, we are conscious that militant homofascism seeks to take over our land and make it Sodom,” Graves bellowed.

“We are also conscious that militant Islam truthfully wants to establish a worldwide caliphate,” he continued. “They want to destroy everything that we have, and complicit with them is the secularist — it is the secular humanist fundamentalist extremists. They want to make this their sort of secular humanist caliphate.”

Graves said it was only natural that Christian conservatives should feel intimidated by such an existential threat.

“They have every major institution, that they have, in fact, taken control of entertainment, they have taken control of education, they’ve had massive gains in recent decades,” he said. “This we must acknowledge.”

Yes, yes, yes. And then you must acknowledge that the Rebel Alliance, the Emperor and the Ewoks are engaged in a grand conspiracy to destroy Jar Jar Binks (and who can blame them?). But don’t take my word for it, listen to him shout it very loudly.

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