Fischer: Anti-Gay Discrimination Isn’t Discrimination Against People

Fischer: Anti-Gay Discrimination Isn’t Discrimination Against People March 19, 2015

Bryan Fischer once again proves that he doesn’t see gay people as people at all, but only as sex acts (especially anal sex). On his radio show, he said that discrimination against gay people is really just discrimination against sexual acts, not against actual human beings.

“Discrimination against sexually immoral behavior is good,” he said. “I’m not talking about discrimination against people here, not even talking about discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. It’s based on their behavior. We discriminate against sexually immoral behavior, not against the person because unless they act out on it, unless they do something, unless the commit an immoral act they’re not properly the subject of these kind of policies. But if they engage in that kind of behavior, then it’s appropriate that be a subject or a matter for discrimination of the good kind.”

So maybe we should remove religion from all the anti-discrimination laws and allow businesses to refuse to hire or serve Christians. And when Fischer throws the inevitable tantrum about it we’ll just say, “This isn’t discrimination against Christian people, it’s discrimination against their behavior and their beliefs.” And then we can point and laugh at him.

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