Carson Displays His Total Ignorance of Foreign Policy

Carson Displays His Total Ignorance of Foreign Policy March 20, 2015

Ben Carson gave an interview to Hugh Hewitt, undoubtedly a friendly face who hoped Carson would do well answering his questions on foreign policy. Unfortunately for him, the answers were so utterly clueless that Hewitt himself seemed taken aback by it.

When Hewitt asked whether NATO countries should be willing to go to war if Russia invades the Baltic states, Carson called for those countries to join NATO.

“I think part of the problem throughout the world right now is that our allies cannot be 100 percent certain that we’re behind them,” Carson said Wednesday on Hewitt’s radio show. “We need to convince them to get involved in NATO and strengthen NATO.”

Hewitt countered that the Baltics are already a part of NATO, while Carson said he mistakenly thought Hewitt had meant all of the former Soviet Union countries.

Oh, of course he did.

The two also sparred on the origins of Islam. Carson contended that Islam “emanated from Esau,” a biblical figure who lived thousands of years ago, while Hewitt said the religion stemmed from the Prophet Muhammad, who founded the religion in the year 600 A.D.

*headdesk* He can’t even keep his Christian mythology straight. Islam is supposed to have come from the line of Ishmael, not Esau. Either one is nonsense, of course.

The potential field, made up largely of current and former governors and senators, often spar over whether the executive experience of a governor or foreign policy experience of a senator is a stronger asset for a White House bid.

Carson lacks both, a fact that led Hewitt to compare his foreign policy knowledge to that of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was famously criticized during the 2008 presidential election for her foreign policy interview with Katie Couric.

“You’ve been being a great neurosurgeon all these years, you haven’t been deep into geopolitics, and that the same kind of questions that tripped up Sarah Palin early in her campaign are going to trip you up,” Hewitt told Carson.

Ouch. When a friendly interviewer compares you to Sarah Palin, that has to leave a mark.

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