Graham: 2016 the Last Election to Save America

Graham: 2016 the Last Election to Save America March 20, 2015

Franklin Graham was one of the speakers at Liberty Counsel’s Awakening conference last weekend and he delivered the usual fire and brimstone, America is going to hell and only Christians can save it, but we only have one election left to do it before all hope is lost message.

Now, some people say, ‘Franklin, you’re a lot more harsh than your father. Your father wouldn’t have done this’…When my father was born, the Ten Commandments were on the wall of every school in America. When my father was born, the teachers still led the class in the Lord’s Prayer. Our country is not that anymore. And I can tell you right now it ain’t coming back. But we’re going to lose everything if we don’t in this next election — and we only have this next election, I think, for our voice to be heard…

This attitude, if we stay home, or if someone says ‘I’m a Christian,’ ‘Oh, I’ll just vote for him without doing a little investigation,’ we’re going to lose everything. But let me tell you if the church speaks with the voice of Almighty God, let these candidates know you don’t take us Christians for granted. Don’t just think we’re going to show up and vote for you. You’ve got to convince us that what you say is correct and what you say is true.

When your father was born, there were no cars. Or radios. Or televisions. Or computers. And women had just been given the right to vote. And they were still lynching black people by the hundreds and enforcing the Jim Crow laws. So much for the good old days.

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