House GOP Wants to Eliminate Pentagon Climate Change Research

House GOP Wants to Eliminate Pentagon Climate Change Research March 20, 2015

The ignorant know-nothings in the House Republican Caucus are mighty upset that the Pentagon spends money studying climate change and have proposed a new budget that eliminates funding for such research. Because it’s a big myth, don’tchaknow, for Sarah Palin tells them so.

House Republicans are seeking to cut funds from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) budgets that are directed at researching the national security implications of climate change.

In a sweeping budget proposal rolled out on Tuesday, which presents the yin to the Obama administration’s yang when it comes to spending priorities, lawmakers identified national security-related climate change research as a key area to eliminate “wasteful” spending.

“The Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, two of the most important agencies in our national security apparatus, currently spend part of their budget studying climate change,” a House Budget Committee document states…

The Republican proposal, put forward by Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price of Georgia, comes soon after a study found that global warming likely amplified a drought in Syria that preceded the devastating civil war in that country. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that climate change was likely one of the many factors that contributed to the deadly conflict, which has displaced millions and killed at least 200,000.

The ways in which climate change, whether it’s man-made or not, will affect our national security and change the threats we face around the world are nearly limitless. The Pentagon is rightly worried that rising oceans will flood some of our coastal naval bases and render them useless unless steps are taken to prepare for that now. Shifting agricultural patterns will mean food shortages that will create massive numbers of refugees and likely trigger resource wars around the world.

But don’t tell that to the proudly ignorant Republican party, whose only public policy on the matter is to scream “it’s a hoax” and pray about it. But they aren’t praying to God to save them from global warming, they’re praying to the Almighty Koch Brothers to keep blessing them with huge amounts of campaign funding.

“Our fathers, who art in Wichita, hallowed be thy names. Thy kingdom come, your will be done, all over the country as it is in Kansas. Give us this day our daily third-party campaign spending and help us use that to money destroy our political enemies and make you even richer than you are now while ignoring reality and continuing to destroy the environment. Lead us please into temptation and deliver us from having to make any fucking sense whatsoever. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the $100 billion net worth to buy us all off, forever and ever. Amen.”

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