Mark Fuhrman Manages to Make Himself Even More of a Douchebag

Mark Fuhrman Manages to Make Himself Even More of a Douchebag March 20, 2015

Sometimes I wonder where horrible people like Mark Fuhrman get the strength to constantly one-up their own idiocy. The racist detective made famous by the O.J. Simpson trial, subsequently hired — of course — by Fox News, says it’s okay to threaten to rape women during the NCAA basketball tournament in response to Ashley Judd taking steps to hold those who make such threats accountable for them legally.

“When I express a stout opinion during March Madness I am called a whore, c—, threatened with sexual violence,” Judd wrote on Twitter. “Not okay.”

On Wednesday, Furhman told the hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered that Judd did not have a case if the threats were made during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

“She doesn’t have a case because it’s March Madness,” he opined. “It’s college basketball. It’s the playoffs. All bets are off, all laws don’t apply.”

“So, you can threaten a woman with physical and sexual violence?” Fox News host Andrea Tantaros asked.

“This is my personal opinion,” Fuhrman insisted. “During basketball, during March Madness, if you don’t want to play then shut up. This is March Madness. Everybody’s getting out their best picks, the top four. You know, this is the time you lose money on basketball. And everybody’s crazy.”

When you’re too much of a right-wing, misogynist asshole for Andrea Tantaros, for crying out loud, you may have gone too far.

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