Ben Carson is Dead in Matt Barber’s Eyes

Ben Carson is Dead in Matt Barber’s Eyes March 21, 2015

Poor Ben Carson. He’s worked so hard to pander to the far-right, anti-gay, anti-knowledge base of the Republican party and he seems to have erased it by walking back his monumentally stupid statement about prison showing that being gay is a choice. Matt Barber says Carson is now dead to him.

Barber blasted Carson for backtracking after he had “rightly” stated that being gay is a choice, saying “it took, I think, a day for him to come out with hat-in-hand and give this blathering mea culpa, just apologizing and saying how he’ll never do this again and then promising never to talk about this issue again. So they have intimidated him into silence. From a political standpoint, now Ben Carson is dead in my eyes.”

Staver agreed, saying that there is no way that Carson can refuse to talk about this issue “because it is a real threat against our faith and freedom and we can’t ignore it.”

“We need politicians and we need leaders who can speak boldly on this issue and who will not shrink,” Staver said. “Saying that you’re never going to speak on it and apologizing is not the kind of leadership you need.”

Poor Ben. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. When he says dumb things like that, he loses all the reasonable people, and when he walks it back he loses the bigots. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy too.

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