Bigoted Theologian Explains People Like Me

Bigoted Theologian Explains People Like Me March 21, 2015

I always love it when people offer trite explanations for why other people they don’t even know really believe what they believe. Presbyterian theologian Robert Gagnon has figured out why straight people like me support gay rights. It’s because we feel guilty.

When the AFA’s Ed Vitagliano asked Gagnon “how in the world our culture has moved so rapidly” on acceptance of homosexuality, Gagnon responded that there were “lots of factors,” including a “full-court press” from elites and “natural concerns” about gay people wanting to form life-long unions.

Another factor, he asserted, is “heterosexual guilt.”

“A lot of heterosexuals have, you know, we’ve not done all that well in some areas of sexual ethics,” he said. “That includes issues of divorce, remarriage, that includes premarital sex, includes abortion. And if you can give a pass on the issue of homosexual practice, in effect it’s a way of exempting our own guilt, and it’s accommodating in a way that’s self-serving.”

Nice try, bigot, but dead wrong. I have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about in my sex life and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. You know what would make me feel guilty? Supported discrimination, oppression and mistreatment of people just because they’re gay.

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