Gohmert Wants to Bomb Iran, Thinks Public Supports It

Gohmert Wants to Bomb Iran, Thinks Public Supports It March 21, 2015

Rep. Louis Gohmert, who really has to be the dumbest man in Congress, thinks the United States should bomb Iran right now and thus launch another war in the Middle East with all the attendant human, financial and geopolitical costs. And he wrongly thinks the American public agrees with him.

During an appearance on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told host Tony Perkins that “we need to encourage this administration to go take out Iran’s nuclear capability” instead of pursuing negotiations: “I think it’s time to bomb Iran.”

“We need to make clear to Iran: You can play these silly games with our president that buys into them and our secretary of state, but the American people aren’t buying it and you’re going to pay a price,” Gohmert said.

“I’m hoping and praying the president will realize, despite the agenda he has that has put Christians in jeopardy around the world, that he will not want to leave the Democratic Party so devastated that they won’t recover for many decades,” Gohmert continued, “that maybe he’ll start being more helpful to Israel instead of slapping them around as an unwelcomed visitor and start treating them like a friend. And maybe once he starts doing that he’ll realize we do need to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities that we know of and anything that they move to fix, we bomb that as well.”

Except the American people are absolutely opposed to him on this. In a poll just a few days ago, a huge majority supported the diplomatic negotiations:

Direct diplomatic negotiations with Iran are broadly popular, 68% favor them, while 29% oppose them. That support cuts across party lines, with 77% of Democrats, 65% of Republicans and 64% of independents in favor of diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran in an attempt to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

As usual, when politicians say “the American people” they really mean “the people on my side.”

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