Wiles Blames the Gays for California Drought

Wiles Blames the Gays for California Drought March 21, 2015

Deranged bigot and conspiracy monger Rick Wiles of TruNews radio says that the reason California is experiencing the historic drought it is currently going through is because they’re in “spiritual rebellion against God.” Especially all those gay people, of course.

While discussing the drought on his “Trunews” radio show yesterday, Wiles said that measures to conserve water are not going to help the state since it is currently experiencing divine punishment.

“Rain will follow repentance,” Wiles said. “The state is in the forefront of spiritual rebellion against God: abortion; homosexuality; pornography; Hollywood’s movies that promote sexual immorality, violence, bloodshed, witchcraft, occult practices; the television industry; the crime and street violence in California cities. All of it has combined to reach a level of depravity that has reached Heaven and God has no other choice but to cut off the rain. So let’s see how long Californians will suffer without water before they humble themselves, repent of their sins and call upon God to save them.”

This reminds me of the witch hunts in Africa. Something bad happens and since they don’t understand weather patterns or the causes of natural disasters, they blame it on a curse from a “witch” (conveniently, always someone powerless, especially women and children). Wiles is doing the same thing due to the same ignorance.

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