Satan 1, God 0

Satan 1, God 0 March 22, 2015

A Baptist church in Knoxville, Tennessee stirred up some controversy last week by putting up a sign that said, “Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights.” Sounds like a great argument in favor of Satan to me, how about you? And the defense offered was delightfully goofy.

But Pastor Tony Greene insisted that everyone misunderstood the message.

“Our sign referencing Satan demanding his equal rights to ascend into the heavens and be God was simply ‘I’ and all about that individual,” Greene told WATE. “It was not a statement against any one group in particular, you know what about the rights of the unborn babies, the rights of children, the rights of everyone?”

He added: “My heart breaks in the dividedness of our country.”

Now that is a serious word salad. Was the pastor drunk when he said that? Satan 1, God 0.

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