LaBarbera: Gay People Just Like Nazis, Communists

LaBarbera: Gay People Just Like Nazis, Communists March 23, 2015

The incredibly virulent anti-gay bigot Peter LaBarbera, in an extraordinary display of a total lack of self-awareness, compares gay people to communists and Nazis because they have to recruit and indoctrinate children at a very young age to perpetuate themselves.

“Homosexual activists know that they have to change the minds of young people, like all radical movements. We saw this under the Communists, under Hitler,” LaBarbera said. “This is a movement that directly threatens kids.”

After blasting parents and teachers who accept LGBT children, LaBarbera lamented that schools “will never bring in an ‘ex-gay’” to address students “because then kids can see that homosexuality is not about who you are, it’s about what you do, and if you can practice homosexuality you can leave homosexuality, you can leave it behind with the help of Jesus Christ.”

I have two words for you, Peter: Sunday School. Three more: Vacation Bible School. Seriously, a fundamentalist Christian is pretty much the last person on the planet who ought to be making communist and Nazi comparisons on the basis of indoctrinating children.

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