Ted Cruz Running for President

Ted Cruz Running for President March 23, 2015

In the least surprising news ever, Ted Cruz is going to announce on Monday that he is running for president, foregoing the usual announcement of an exploratory committee and just jumping straight into the race. As the first candidate to officially announce, he will get the right to ride shotgun in the Republican clown car.

Ted Cruz is first out the gate.

The first-term senator from Texas will announce Monday that he’s running for the Republican presidential nomination, CNN has confirmed from two aides to Cruz. He will make his official declaration in Lynchburg, Virginia, at Liberty University, the largest Christian university in the world.

The news was first reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Cruz, 44, will be the first candidate to formally throw his hat in the ring for what’s expected to be a crowded GOP primary, with more than a dozen high-profile Republicans expressing serious interest in a White House run.

The truth is that Cruz has been running for president from the moment he joined the Senate in January, 2013. Everything he has done has been for a single purpose, to establish himself as the One True Conservative to appeal to the hardcore base and the Tea Party types that decide many primaries. That should play well in Iowa, not so well in New Hampshire and extremely well in the South.

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