Fischer: Punish Student for Arabic Pledge of Allegiance

Fischer: Punish Student for Arabic Pledge of Allegiance March 24, 2015

Bryan Fischer took a call on his show from a woman named Cynthia, who wanted to rant quite incoherently about the high school student who recited the pledge of allegiance in Arabic (along with several others in other languages). The result was every bit as stupid as you would expect:

She went on to tell Fischer, “Also, our kids were kicked out of their college dorms because they were saying something — you know, maybe Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are pushing this so much down our throats, our kids’ throats, that they did this because we’re sick of them, we’re sick of it. But yet the Muslim students can run up in a Jewish classroom and a Christian classroom on the campuses and protest and that’s okay, but throw our children out by midnight, I think they have thirty days to get out legally, but the Muslims run up in there.”

When Fischer asked for clarification, it turns out Cynthia was referring to the University of Oklahoma fraternity students who were filmed singing a racist chant about lynching “n***ers.”

Fischer told her that while he believes the fraternity students should have been disciplined, he agreed with Cynthia that others should also be disciplined… for the high crime of “promoting Islam.”

“I think your point, Cynthia, is we’re landing on this speech over here, yeah it’s offensive, but what about this speech over here that promotes Islam in our school, we are offended by that, why aren’t you doing something about that,” Fischer said. “That’s a good point, Cynthia.”

No, it’s actually a totally moronic point, from both of them. They seem to think that everyone who speaks Arabic is Muslim, which is nonsense. Arab Christians and Arab Jews — there are lots of both — also speak Arabic. Reciting the pledge of allegiance in Arabic does not, in any imaginable way, “promote Islam,” anymore than reciting it in Spanish promotes Catholicism. This is what happens when you put a microphone in front of an ignorant bigot.

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