Pat Robertson Dreams of Zombie Ronald Reagan

Pat Robertson Dreams of Zombie Ronald Reagan March 24, 2015

The absurd and wildly inaccurate worship of Ronald Reagan by the Christian right seems to know no bounds whatsoever. After Regent University recently hosted an event honoring Reagan, Pat Robertson said on the 700 Club that he wished he would rise from the grave to lead the country again.

The report deeply touched Robertson, who said, “I wish Reagan would rise from the dead and come back.”

“He believed in America, he believed in fundamental values and he wasn’t ashamed to enunciate them,” Robertson continued. “The current president does not believe in America, he does not believe in the fundamental values, he was raised in a different environment entirely and his mentors have been leftists who don’t really love this country.”

I’m pretty sure Reagan did rise from the grave, three days after he died. Then he ascended into the conservative imagination as a new creature, cleansed of all sin and policy preferences that they don’t like, sanctified by the blood of the Tea Party and ready to be invoked to support everything the right wing does even if, in real life, he supported exactly the opposite.

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